Details to be furnished while submitting Application

The Project Report with all particulars should be submitted along with the application. The following are the particulars required to be furnished.
General :
  • Details of investigation fees remitted. 
  • Attested Photographs and detailed bio-data of the Promoters / Directors.
  • List of Associated Companies, audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account for years.
  • In case of existing companies, audited working results for the last 3 years of the applicant to be furnished. 
  • Assets and Liabilities Statement of Promoter / Directors duly signed. If the Promoter is an NRI, necessary approvals / permission from RBI as required. 
  • The names of the Principal Bankers of applicant concern and Associate concerns and the limit sanctioned along with the security offered shall be furnished.
  • Copy of MSME Registration / SIA Registration / Industrial License as applicable. 
  • Copies of various permissions, approvals and licenses from Government / Local authorities as required. 
  • Detailed estimates of the buildings to be constructed and estimate for building. 
  • Flow Chart indicating the sequence of Operations involved in the manufacturing with brief description of the process. Quotations for the   machinery proposed to be purchased and reasons for selection besides competitive quotations of machinery.
  • Raw Material tie-up letters with price evidence.
  • Market Survey Report and Market tie-up letters.  
  • Details of infrastructure availability viz., Water, Power, Fuel, Labour and Effluent Treatment Disposal. 
  • Copies of returns submitted for Income Tax / Wealth Tax by Proprietor / Partners / Directors for the last 3 years. 
  • If the unit is located in SIDCO / SIPCOT / Government Industrial Estates, a copy of the allotment letter together with the terms and conditions of allotment. 
  • The various assumptions made in the preparation of projected profitability statement and evidence thereof. 
  • If any Director, Partner, Proprietor of the applicant concern is a Director of TIIC or is in any way related to any director of TIIC, the details thereof shall be furnished.
  • Arrangements made for Working Capital Finance and its assessment.
  • Details of Collateral Security. Copy of the sale deed, patta, EC and relevant revenue receipts.
  • Selling price evidence from prospective customers.
  • Basis for arriving at installed capacity.
  • Existing and proposed installed capacity.
  • Copy of Collaboration / Know-how / Turnkey Agreement, if any, and a detailed bio-data of the Collaborator / Consultant and a list of jobs /    Projects executed etc.
  • Pollution Control Clearance from Pollution Control Board for 'Red' and 'Orange' Category Industries.
  • In case of Partnership Concerns,  Partnership Deed and Firm Registration Certificate from Registrar of Firms.
  • In case of Limited Companies, Memorandum and Articles of Association Company, Incorporation Certificate from the Registrar of Companies.
  • In case of Co-operative Societies, By-Laws of the Society
  • In case of Associated concerns
    • Brief history / details of the concerns
    • Banker's Name and Address
    • Audited Balance Sheet ad Profit & Loss Account for the past 3 years
    • Whether availed any assistance from TIIC / Banks, etc. and if so, the details thereof.

Imported Machinery ( New and Second Hand):

  • For New Imported Machinery:  
    • Evidence of rate of Import Duty
    • Copy of Import License
    • If the machinery is imported under EPGC Scheme, the details as how the unit will comply with the export obligation.
  • For Second-hand Imported Machinery
    • Chartered Engineer's Valuation Certificate regarding year of manufacture, country of origin, name of the manufacturer, present condition, residual life and value of the second-hand imported machinery and corresponding cost of new machinery.

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